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The Holly intaglio grouping


Inspired by a gallery like wall hangings, yet with a dose of order and symmetry, our newest offering is a sophisticated and beautiful grouping.

Each of the mats feature a single intaglios and a mat cropped to emphasize the beauty of the form; the large frames measure 19 5/8" x 25 5/8" outer dimensions. The two large frames are flanked by two square frames on either side; the square frames measure 16" wide by 16" high. Six framed items are included in this grouping (2 large, 4 square).

Modified version, seen in the second image, allows for your own artwork to be included in the design, and includes 5 framed items (1 large, 4 square).

Available in all of our frame finishes - gold with cream inner and outer mat, gilver (silver base with gold glaze) with off white inner and outer mat, silver with dark gray outer mat, light gray inner mat. Picture shows the 'gilver' finish.

Custom mat colors or customer's own material possible with an upcharge. Please email for more information -

If you want a slight change in size, mat cropping, or intaglio choice - don't hesitate to ask! Everything is created custom, so changes are certainly possible. We show two options in the pictures here. Trade pricing available, please inquire at

For a great close up of our frame finishes in natural light, please see:


  • Gold frame - 100% in stock
  • Silver frame - 100% in stock
  • 'Gilver' frame (warm silver) - 100% in stock
  • Modified version (1 large frame, 4 square frames) - 100% in stock