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Framed intaglios, set of three


Set of three framed intaglios. Mix and match any of our designs, or choose from the following sets:

Nate, Faith, Kendall (The Argonne) - shown in image
Paris, Charlotte, Faith (The Garraux) - shown in image
Elyse, Ansley, Hanna Riley (The Arden)
Charlotte, Olivia, Sarah (The Brookhaven)
Brandon, Davis, Graham (The Buckhead)
Isabel, Richard, Paris (The Garmon)
Julie, Graham, Laura (The St James)
Taylor, Yancey, Victor (The Habersham)
Taylor, Maddy, Victor (The Broadland)

For more pictures, please see our blog:


  • Gold, silver, or 'gilver' (warm silver), each measures 12 3/4"x 16" - 100% in stock
  • Gold, silver, or 'gilver' (warm silver), each measures 17 5/8" x 21 5/8" - 100% in stock