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Framed intaglios, set of four


Our framed intaglios look striking in groups. When ordering, please note the designs that you would like included in your order. We will confirm your choice before creating the framed intaglios.

You can mix and match, or use the combinations that we came up with with the guidance of a leading designer. For more pictures, please see:

Charlotte, Nate, Faith, Kendall (The Harris Trail)

Olivia, Hanna Riley, Elyse, Sarah (The Huntcliff)

Paris, Isabel, Ansley, Richard (The Mooresmill)

Brandon, Davis, Julie, Laura (The Rivermeade) - pictured

Charlotte, Davis, Elyse, Faith (The Riverview)

Isabel, Nate, Olivia, Richard (The Tuxedo)

Each item is custom made. Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time.


  • Set of four in our small size; gold, silver, or 'gilver' (warm silver) frame, each measuring 12 3/4"x 16" - 100% in stock
  • Set of four in our large size: gold, silver, or 'gilver' (warm silver) each measuring 17 5/8" x 21 5/8" - 100% in stock