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Special order custom framed intaglios from Quatrefoil Design - (sold individually)


Please note: our custom framed intaglios are sold individually, with a minimum order of three. The image in this listing shows a representative group of four, which are priced at $365 each.

For a quick look at all of our special order intaglio designs, please visit

One of our favorite things is a beautiful framed series, hung in just the right spot. 

Particularly striking are framed intaglios, which beautifully combine the striking visual of a series with a sense of history, sculpture, and art.

We think the custom framed intaglios from Quatrefoil Design are among the best ones out there!  Our signature frame is beautifully molded – it has presence, but does not overwhelm the intaglios.  Our frame is designed to work well when seeing the intaglios head on (such as when they are mounted on a wall and primarily viewed from in front); our frame works equally well when the intaglios are mounted in a spot where the side profile of the frame is seen. The frame is even versatile enough to be used when a framed intaglio is going to be displayed in a bookshelf.

Our frames are gilded by hand by artists, and the intaglios are mounted in our custom designs using reproductions from a collection of privately held antique intaglios.  The result is truly one of a kind and special.

We also pride ourselves on working closely with our customers on custom options.  We have mounted our intaglios on 100 year old Belgian linen, customer’s own material, custom selected matboard (we use Crescent matboard, which comes in hundreds of colors), silk.  We have also custom designed intaglio patterns based on a specific frame requirement, and hand colored both the intaglio and the band on the edge of the intaglio based on any paint color.  An upcharge may apply.

Our framed intaglios are sold individually, with no minimum order.  Our standard small size is 12 3/4" x 16" (priced at $365), and our standard large size is 17 5/8" x 21 5/8" (priced at $450). Each frame is custom made to order, so any size is possible - please email for quote. 

Gold frame – inner mat off white, outer mat off white, intaglio edge painted to match frame color.

Light or aged ‘Gilver’ (warm silver) frame (see for examples) – inner mat off white, outer mat off white, intaglio edge painted to match frame color.  We also offer a ‘gilver’ contrast option – the intaglio is mounted on a khaki inner mat, with an off white outer mat.

Silver – inner mat dark grey, outer mat light gray. Also available with inner mat light grey, outer mat white. Intaglio edge painted to match the frame color.

Our lead time tends to be 6-8 weeks, but may be 4 weeks if one of our standard designs is selected. Each order is made custom, so size and color modifications are certainly possible (an upcharge may apply).

To see our custom intaglio designs, please visit  Any questions, please email

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