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Architectural Rendering: Egg and Dart Fragment (limited edition)

Image of Architectural Rendering: Egg and Dart Fragment (limited edition)


Award winning architect Jonathan Lacrosse was commissioned to hand draw a series of architectural renderings in graphite; the renderings can be hung alone or as part of a series. They are reminiscent of 18th and 19th century engravings, and recapture an art that is all but lost in the modern day world.

The third in our exclusive architectural series is an egg and dart fragment. This fragment was salvaged from a historic Tennessee Theatre that has recently been restored. The fragment shows examples of two types classical architectural elements. Egg and Dart and Detils (the latin word for teeth). Examples can be found all through antiquity, from The Acropoplis to the ancient Roman Forum. During the Renaissance these motifs were reintroduced into Western Architecture and continue to this day.

The original is a one of a kind rendering. Art quality giclees were created from the original rendering in an exclusive and limited production of 100. Each giclee is individually produced through a high-resolution, high-fidelity process using a special large format art printer on thick archival art paper, and is signed and numbered by the artist. The giclees are exquistely and finely crafted, and as detailed as the original.

This item is unframed. The item for sale is a limited edition giclee.

Note: artist retains copyright to rendering. Cannot be reproduced for sale. Watermark image is for internet display purposes, and does not appear on the actual rendering.


  • Egg and dart - 99% in stock
  • Egg and dart rendering, custom framed - 100% in stock